Bowls Australia "Club of the Year" 2021

history newAfter several years of discussion among interested members of the public, the Club Sunbury was started when the Shire President Mr. Ellis Kelly convened and chaired a public meeting in the Memorial Hall during the month of February 1960.  More than twenty people attended this meeting including the guest speaker Mr.Lowe of the R.V.B.A. During this meeting several important decisions were made including -

Site of the club

Agreed on the Recreation Reserve.


It was agreed that debentures were the only logical way to raise money.

Formation of a Bowling Club

A motion that a Bowling Club be formed was carried and a group of Office Bearers  and committee men were elected.  The inaugural office bearers and committee were as listed in the office bearers panel and their first decision was to hold a general meeting on the23 rd of MARCH 1960.


The original office-bearers were:

President   Mr. B Luelf
Vice President   Cr. Kelly and Mr. E Fry
Treasurer   Mr. K Alderson
Secretary   Mr. C. A. Barr
Committee   Messrs. J. Taylor, J. Forbes, J. Childs, R. Stafford, W. Sullivan, R. Watkins, E. Boardman


Club Sunbury commenced at its present site in 1961 with one green, which is the present green # 1 located adjacent to Riddell Road. The clubhouse comprised what is now the tool shed situated at the northern end between greens 1 &2. Alan, Smith who is a playing Life Member of the club, is the only inaugural member still associated with the Club. During its history Club Sunbury has expanded and extended its facilities in a somewhat exponential manner. A second green was subsequently added which is the green west of green number one and the clubhouse became what is now the social area within the Keno Lounge.


1996   The club was expanded to its present configuration. This development entailed the building of the restaurant, the upstairs mezzanine, downstairs, reception area, foyer and administrative offices plus the addition of the present Bowler's Lounge, conference room, toilet facilities and locker rooms. These extended facilities were officially opened by the then Minister of Sport, the Hon. Tom Reynolds on Jan 24th 1996.

Externally a number of brick shelters were built around green #3, the machinery shed extended and the former machinery shed converted into the Bowls Shop, whilst the machinery shed at the western end of green #2 was also extended.

1995   Green #3 was re-sown to tiffdwarf grass by Wayne Spencer who was then the club's Greenkeeper. Tiffdrawf is a type of couch grass, which is excellent for bowling greens and is widely, used on many magnificent greens in northern Victoria, NSW and Queensland.
1989   Green #3 was constructed on the southern side of the club. The green was built under the supervision of Gary Thomas who was then the club's Greenkeeper. At the time of its construction this green was quite revolutionary. Not only is it an eight rink green and thus much larger than the standard seven rink green.