Bowls Australia "Club of the Year" 2021

about option domeAn eXtreme team needs an eXtreme facility! Our XDome leads the way in player and spectator experience with our indoor green catering for competitive bowls, family events, state test series and much more.

Our raised Concourse area overlooks the green to create the ultimate viewing experience and our two mega walls are always displaying live sport and major events.

Rain, hail or shine we are bowling eXtreme, with our state of the art green providing relief from the elements well into the night.

The XDome is the home of Junior Bowls in Victoria and our schedule is jam-packed with major tournaments, junior competitions, kids Birthdays and member roll-ups, so we recommend you make a booking today via our Booking Website

#livelifeeXtreme and visit Bowls Australia’s Club of the year today!